Not Your Everyday Routine

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The majority of games today set out to empower the player. Whether it’s in the hulking metal boots of a super-soldier or the magical garments of some arch-wizard, playing with power is a draw of many modern games.

Above all, Routine conspires to make you wet your spacesuit.

Routine is a first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base. Your job is to find enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station.

(from Routine’s website)

Atmosphere is everything in Routine. Going hand-in-hand with the Oculus Rift support, Routine avoids anything and everything that breaks immersion. No floating HUD. No popup computer menus. No quest markers. It’s all handled without breaking the action.

Perhaps its boldest move is the decision for perma-death. Most horror games will kill the player quickly but give them invisible checkpoints. Permanent death ramps up the stakes considerably – the deeper you venture, the more you have to lose. Hopefully, Routine’s non-linear structure will prevent it from limiting its depth and scope.

With a development team of four, no dates have been nailed down for further developments. You can follow the developers on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Check out the trailer here.

Gaming Question

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What’s the point of games journalism?

I mean there seem to be two kinds of articles I see in every site which covers games:

  • News Story About Game X Coming Out
  • 9/10 AAA Game Review

It seems like everyone who goes to gaming news sites also knows this. I read nothing but complaints about how “Gaming Journalism” doesn’t critique anything. That it’s run by fans or people who have long since given up on the thought of criticizing games. Even the “least corrupt” and smaller sites always seem afraid to say anything out of the norm.

So what’s the point?

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Low Light Combat From Wolfire Games Looks Electric

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Looking to be the low-budget lovechild between arena FPSs and stealth games, Low Light Combat is Wolfire’s (known for Overgrowth & Revolver) latest game to go up for sale. The levels are dark and twisting, the lighting – shockingly – low. Each player starts with 60 seconds to live, which can be reduced by firing weapons or increased by getting kills. The backstory is intriguing, if not a tad silly: “Nuclear-powered ninjas fighting proxy battles to decide world issues for the Illuminati.” The game’s shipped with one map so far, but more are promised for the future.

You can watch the trailer here and pick it up by donating $5 either to Camphill California or to the Blender Development Fund. Happy hunting.

Every Half-Life Mod Broken In Recent Steam Update

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On February 15th, the update seemed innocuous enough. Three listed changes, none of them particularly remarkable. However, behind the scenes, Valve changed the file directory path for the original Half-Life from username/Half-Life to common/Half-Life. “We have been seeing rendering problems and gameplay problems,” said ModDB. ”We’re not sure if we can release a hotfix for these problems, since it’s a lot of changes made to the engine that causes it.” The reason for the change is unclear, and its effects are clearly far more serious than intended. With luck, Valve will revert this change. Stay tuned.

Today I Was A Fly

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The Plan Header

One of the most powerful things a game can do, for me, is to encapsulate the experience of being somewhere or something else.  Sometimes I want to be the big man in space with the big gun, other times I want to be the plumber lost in a mystical land, today however I was a fly.  I was not planning on being a fly today, but sometimes that is just where life takes you.  The same could be said about The Plan, the game I played today in which I became the fly, my poor fly life did not go where I planned on it going and that was all part of the fun.  Be warned, there are a few spoilers below the fold but I’ll do my best to keep them tame.

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