Cirosan’s Classic Overhaul

A Fallout: New Vegas Mod
Release 1.6

CCO now has a FOMOD ready archive! All needed patches will be installed for you automatically – just activate the FOMOD package, pick what you want to install, and go! No extra headache! A HUGE thank you to nyrb for making the FOMOD archive!

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Compatible with both Project Nevada and JSawyer!

Welcome to Cirosan’s Classic Overhaul! The goal of CCO is very simple: To make a player’s choices matter by introducing a variety of new content designed to encourage careful decision-making and roleplaying. However, what makes CCO unique is that it is modular – that is to say, each file can be used independent from one another. Of course, they’re all designed to be used together, but for the most part everything’s up to you.

Everything that CCO does is designed to make for a more interesting and fulfilling New Vegas experience.

CCO is free and always will be. However, if you’ve enjoyed using the mod, please consider donating to help me continue doing what I do. Just remember that my mods will always be totally free to download and use regardless of whether you donate or not.

The following utilities are required for CCO to function properly:

New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE)

Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM)

CCO follows several design philosophies:

  • Choices and consequences – Core game formulas and mechanics have been altered to discourage min-maxing but still augment your character’s design. Putting points into something shouldn’t just marginally improve it – you’ll see immediate, qualitative changes.
  • Compatibility with other mods and old saves – CCO is designed to play nice with as many other mods as possible, and can be integrated into an existing save painlessly.
  • Customization to suit your needs – Don’t like it? Don’t use it! Pick and choose what you like in CCO to customize your New Vegas experience to your liking!
  • Quality over quantity – CCO may not be the most sizeable mod out there, but what it does, it should do uniquely and interestingly.

CCO comes with five main modules, all intended to be used with each other, but each can operate independently if you don’t like one of them. They are:

  • Gameplay Changes – The crux of the overhaul. Many game formulas are changed and the function of V.A.T.S. is different altogether.
  • Classic Perks – Reintroduces many classic perks and traits from Fallout 1, 2, and even from Tactics. Note that this can be used independently and was made with compatibility in mind, so even if you despise the rest of what this overhaul does, you can still use just this and have all the extra perks you want!
  • Follower Tweaks – Overhauls the impact of companions. Followers now only do half-damage, but only take half-damage as well. The maximum number of followers you can have at once is now based on your Charisma, instead of always being two.
  • Damage Resistance – Reimplements Damage Resistance into the game to you and to all NPCs. However, they follow strict formulas and can never rise above 25%.
  • Perk Rebalance – Intended to bring vanilla perks more into line with Classic Perks, above, this module reduces many erroneous requirements from several perks and alters the effects of others.

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Discussion thread on the Bethsoft forums:

Modding thread on Something Awful:

OOC Community thread:

Have fun, and remember: if you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me using the links above. Happy trails!
- Ciro

25 Responses to Cirosan’s Classic Overhaul

  1. Michael Lu

    You have a major bug in companion hiring. While previously hired companions work fine with the new charisma limit because it’s all handled in the Follower’s quest, the companions still run off the old conditions in their specific dialogue quests. So if it’s you’re first time hiring the followers, they will not be hire-able.

    It’s been a complete pain in the ass to dig through all of these myself, but I think I’ve fixed most of the cases. You need to go into quests VDialogueRaul, VDialgoueCass, etc. etc. and find the unique topics in which they first get hired.

    • Michael Lu

      Just a note, I wasn’t able to find any of these instances in Boone, Ed-e, or Rex dialogue. It may be obvious why for Ed-e and Rex, but not for Boone.

      • Cirosan

        Thanks for letting me know about this bug, Michael. I’ll look into it and make sure it’s fixed for next release.

  2. Cirosan

    CCO has been updated to version 1.4.

    The Readme has also been updated to match! Finally!

  3. cndblank

    Really enjoying this.
    Love each character is different.
    Great job.

  4. Cirosan

    A hotfix for CCO’s Follower Tweaks component has been released, fixing a bug in Arcade Gannon’s initial hiring dialogue. You can download the fix at the link above.

  5. Cirosan

    CCO has been updated to version 1.5.

  6. Neil

    Excellent mod! I’ve been using it since 1.3.

    I did have one question, though so far I believe it is compatible with a mod known as Tale of Two Wastelands. Are you aware of this mod?

  7. Cirosan

    Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it, Neil.

    I am aware of A Tale of Two Wastelands, and its predecessor A Requiem for the Capital Wasteland. I don’t see any reason why CCO would have a problem with A Tale of Two Wastelands, and I haven’t had any reports of there being problems between the two mods either. You should be good to go.

  8. Neil

    Yes, I haven’t any problems with it so far. CCO’s compatibility with Project Nevada is superb though I’m eagerly awaiting a certain modder’s patch for the item duplicates with TTW and PN.

    Honestly, I was just curious if you had used TTW with CCO before.

    I try to get people to use this mod more often since its so good.

    • Cirosan

      I’m sorry, what is TTW? I haven’t heard of it (or at least that acronym) before.

      Thanks for spreading the word about CCO; glad to hear you’re enjoying it so much.

      • Neil

        Oh, it’s just an acronym for Tale of Two Wastelands. I was lazy XD

        • Cirosan

          Oh, sorry. Now that you’ve clarified that, no, I haven’t used CCO with TTW. Not to sound rude, but I’m not interested in using TTW myself.

          You said there was a problem with item duplicates between TTW and PN. Is that strictly between A Tale of Two Wastelands and Project Nevada? Or does CCO have something to do with that as well?

  9. Claus

    Thanks a lot for this compilation of mods, they are giving me a more balanced and interesting Mojave experience! I write to you because I have a request.. Im trying to reduce the quantity of mods Im running right now. Please reduce the quantity of patches by merging them. For example the recalibration module dont have an “all dlc patch”.. So it would be great to have the option of using one mod that merge all your modules, an all dlc patch that covers it, and the same for the popular mods like PN. This would help a lot to reduce the performance hit due to loading all your modules and patches at the same time. Thanks again for your work

    • Cirosan

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at. There are already merged patches for Classic Perks and Follower Tweaks among others, and one for the Perk Rebalance is forthcoming.

      You said “the recalibration module dont have an “all dlc patch”” – but the Recalibration Token isn’t its own module, it’s a part of the Classic Perks module, which DOES have an all DLC patch. So I’m not sure what you mean.

      Sadly, due to the complexity of everything, merging EVERYTHING into one huge file isn’t possible at this time. Merged patches are still very doable though, and several have already been released.

  10. Claus

    (sorry for my english) thanks for your reply. Sorry, I meant the rebalance module, the one that dont have the “alldlc patch” merged. So my question is answered.
    Then Ill be looking forward for that rebalance module all dlc patch! thanks again

  11. Cirosan

    CCO has been updated to version 1.6.

    However, this is likely the final version of CCO. It’s time for me to move on to other projects, and I’d like to try to make a game of my own next. I’ll still check around here every so often to see if there’s a major bug that needs fixing or something, of course. But for the most part, consider this my retirement from New Vegas modding.

    I’d like to thank everybody for their support during the development of CCO. It hasn’t been the most popular mod, but enough of you liked it, and you didn’t make that a secret. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. It’s been a fun ride.

  12. Cirosan

    CCO now has a FOMOD ready archive! All needed patches will be installed for you automatically – just activate the FOMOD package, pick what you want to install, and go! No extra headache! A HUGE thank you to nyrb for making the FOMOD archive!

  13. delta534

    Here is a link to a patch I created to make TTW and CCO work nicely together.

  14. CRS

    I had an issue installing the FOMOD with NMM as well as FOMM. The path designated for one of the ESP files is incorrect in the FOMOD xml file. The line

    I believe should be

    After editing the xml file I was able to install the FOMOD without any errors.

  15. CRS

    Sorry for the double post but here’s what I was mentioned in my other post.

    file source=”CCO – Accessible New Vegas Welcome Sign.esp” destination=”CCO – Accessible New Vegas Welcome Sign.esp”/

    file source=”Add-ons/CCO – Accessible New Vegas Welcome Sign.esp” destination=”CCO – Accessible New Vegas Welcome Sign.esp”/

  16. uac

    So i was a moron and activated the “Recalibration Token” that came with CCO while having Project Nevada installed. Is there any way to revert back to the default CCO settings? Tried deactivating and reactivating CCO, no success, it was still using PN’s options. Any ideas on what i could do?

  17. uac

    Pretty sure the DT decreasing perks aren’t functioning properly for me (i.e. Soft Tissue Expert, Observer Effect too possibly), just equipped “That Gun” with AP bullets and tested it on Aurelius of Helix who has a DT of 21. The perk should decrease his DT by 6 points and the ammo by another 15 (since it’s AP), hence he should be blocking only 2 points of damage from each shot, but he blocks more by ~5-6 (not sure how the game rounds it up). Any clue as to why that might happen, i’d appreciate any help, thanks in advance :)

  18. uac

    Just tested with energy weapons, same thing i’m doing 9 less damage than i should be doing which is exactly the value of 3 ranks of Observer Effect which i do have.

  19. Cirosan

    To all users:

    The issue uac reported has been resolved. There is no bug. Everything is fine, nothing is ruined.

    No, but seriously, you can see the math that confirms the perks work all typed out here:

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